At the very beginning FiveStars were made as a professional athlete and team accessories brand, but over the years we have become a unique hat producer also for individual customers.



 FiveStars – it`s more than just a brand name. Just like the Olympic rings, every star has its own meaning and value:

1. Style – it`s choice, individual attitude and character.

2. Creativity – it`s skill to create something new and original.

3. Quality – it`s a set of qualities that can satisfies customers’ requirements.

4. Freedom – it makes possible to act on your own beliefs and preferences.

5. Uniqueness – it is something special and individual.

These five stars embodies every hat that we produce and what we are. In production process the components of every cap are assembled and fully personalized just for that one special cap. We believe, that it should be you who decides how the cap will look like. Design a cap that fits your personality. FiveStars understand what it means to be original!