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About us.

Life without sports, without hobbies and all that makes us keen on life, all that make us feel. Can you imagine that? We can't. We also can't imagine life without a cap on your head, without letting your imagination go wild and like any athlete doing the best that is possible. 

FiveStars concept is based on Five fundamental values. Style, creativity, quality, freedom and uniqueness. We strive to bring these essential needs to every customer by revolutionizing the way every product is made, designed and manufactured. 


FiveStars was created as a professional athlete and team accessories brand, since then a lot of FiveStars caps have been raised on top of pedestals and thrown into crowds of eager fans.

We take pride in our made-to-order caps being worn by KHL players and other fine athletes.



Quality and Design

We know that your cap is the most essential piece of equipment, no matter who you are, what you play or what you do. We know that the symbol on your cap represents a piece of your soul. Thats why we handle every cap like a piece of someones existenceWe believe, that if You choose a cap, it should be You who decides what it will look like. Design a cap that fits you, even if its one size fits all. 

Our Teams

FiveStars was created as a professional athlete and team accessories brand, since then a lot of FiveStars caps have been raised on top of pedestals and thrown into crowds of eager fans.

If You and Your team believe that you are the next to step on the pedestal or raise a winners cup in the air, write to us. We are proud that our caps are worn by some of the greatest players of KHL and other athletes.